Practical Dreamer

Practical Dreamer 

Shri Narendra Modi is a great dreamer, who has the remarkable ability to transform his dreams into reality. His supreme dream is the regeneration and transformation of Gujarat, and eventually his motherland emerging as a developed and powerful nation. His dream for India encompasses an extensive range – one that vitally fosters agricultural research, protection of the environment, infrastructure as the lifeline of industry and global investments. In short, the emergence of a new and happy society celebrating the endless festival of life! Shri Narendra Modi has a reputation for being a hard taskmaster and strict disciplinarian but at the same time he is an embodiment of strength and compassion.

Here is a man who has great faith in education as a means of integral human development and progress to take society far beyond the encircling darkness, gloom and poverty. He emphasises the spread of education especially that of girls which has so far been largely neglected.

Shri Narendra Modi’s love for education is revealed in his respect for teachers and in Kanya Kelavani Yojana, an initiative which is very close to his heart, ushering in an era of enlightenment and empowerment right at the grass root level. Where else will you find a chief minister camping in remote villages in the heat and dirt to encourage parents to educate their daughters?

With a profound interest in technology and science, Shri Narendra Modi has sculpted Gujarat into an e‑governed state and has fostered several innovative applications of technology. Initiatives such as Swagat Online and Tele Fariyad have brought in e-transparency and put the citizens in direct contact with the highest office in administration. It is so rare to find a chief minister lending such an attentive ear to the grievances of the common man and ensuring that the issues get resolved in a definite time frame.

Shri Narendra Modi, a big believer in people, has skilfully led the half a million strong team of government employees into new realms of a proactive work culture through a ‘continuous learning’ initiative called Karmayogi Maha Abhiyan. Gujarat has a chief minister so concerned about transforming Sarkari Karmacharis into Asar Kari Karmayogis (a band of effective workers).

Shri Narendra Modi is both a realist and an idealist with robust optimism. He has imbibed the noble view that not failure but low aim is a crime. He values clarity of vision, sense of purpose and diligent perseverance as essential qualities for achievement in any walk of life. Concern for his land and people has been uppermost in his mind.

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